~ MK vs. DS ~ Clan War Photos

I was pking on my pure when I came across this mini-war. Here are some snapshots:

I got two kills after the war, I will post those later.

nice pics, wot did u get after the war?

i was with him on my pure. we pked a lvl 30 with full iron and steel scimi. the person following him in the first pic is my pure. (hes with rune scimi and tiara). after that we went to castle and he was skulled as was i then he got killed by 5 lvl 43’s in multi combat. i thought it was fun though. ~TIPP

Looks like a run-in. not much of a war…

I missed that war :frowning:

Gutted Pl0x?

Oooo…Nice pics :slight_smile:

lmao some1 has trimmed in the wildy! thats crazy!

yah that was funny. the guy with rune (t) was skulled and got killed lmao.

lol no my rune (t)

thats cool, bu it wasnt in 2ble attack zome?

^ I said mini-war. But it was planned ahead of time, it wasn’t a run-in.

In my old clan (i was leader) a girl brought her full zammy with ous on pk trip and got skulled and died 0.o and I think Tipp was there.

yah i was there. as soon as i saw that clan i ran like ****.