i made this zamorak sacrofice picture.

nice dude it ok

god you posted fast

I saw that before on rsr…

man thats cool keep up the good work

lol thats cool

lol, nice 8/10 its kinda grainy

lol, thats pwnage!

Did you really make that?

[sarcasm] oh, noooo! i didnt! i magically stole it! [/sacasm]

i am telling ON YOU BEEGEE!

lol that is pretty cool 7/10

not bad 8/10

ive seen that on google before
btw is it a fake or is it like a quest?

You didn’t make it. Besides, ‘Zamarok’ is spelled wrong.

-100/10 a sheep is a sine of purity and zamorak IF HE EXCISTS is evil you’d sacrifice a goat noob

its good but did u make that

Can you really do that and what happened to the dagger thing at the end? I rate a 7/10.