MoD Looking for wars

Hey all the leaders out there MoD is looking for some full scale wars in the near future so if you want a war stop by our clan forums and post a war topic in our public forums. Also if there are some smaller newer clans out there that are looking for a challenge but can’t take us on by themselves team up with another clan and propose a war between MoD and you two. MoD doesn’t have nor accepts allies so we can’t bring friends so make sure its not too uneven.

About our clan.

  • Just under 2 months old.
  • 150 Registered users - Vast Majority Inactive (aprroximately 40 actives) so we bring about 20 - 25 to a war.
  • Requirements 70+ combat, but we only raise it to that on June 1st, though a good 80% of the clan are above requirements.

Clan forums: