how do u become a mod or be in the tech team?

Just like in Runescape here you have to be chosen to be a mod. Plus, you just might have ruinged your chances, read the rules…Oh and Tech team, you’d have to be good with computers…And help with the site…

o ok thx i hope i can be a mod someday but why r u wearing a gold crown and im wearing silver?

There are different ranks here on RsR. The type of crown shows the rank. I was chosen to be a House of Lords member…So thats why I have it…

how do u be a house of lords member?

You have to be deemed intelligent enough or show that you have certain intellectual properties to be admitted.

In other words, you have to have high intellagence.


hint #1: don’t break rules
Hint #2: be friendly
Hint #3: make good guides

well thats all i know on how to turn into a mod and btw you broke a rule just now so as winterlord said you probly ruined your chance.

wot rule did he break?

Monkeyboy, I nearly fell off my seat when I read what you said.

intellagence is spelt like this: Intelligence, please don’t take offence from that, I just thought it was funny.


Btw, Here’s the rule
10. DO NOT ask to be a mod or a part of any other user group: This includes mentioning that you would be good in that group, or you would like to be in it someday. Most of the time asking to be a mod or in any other group will result in the exclusion of that person from ever getting into that group.

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Then he did not break the rule really… he was just asking how you actually get in. It would be easier if there was an information sticker about it for new members.
sickmate 8)


Or did he Sickmate :wink:

what?rsr suggestions?!?!?!?why there?

You have to worship frogs to get any type of a gold crown.

Hey, it was really late at night and I was tired. I just noticed that mistake I made. No offence was taken, but I do feel kind of stupid :smiley:


If you joined Runescape Realm just to try and be a moderator, i’m afraid you wasted you’re time, and to be frank, you’re just a power-seeking wannabe… Very sorry…

whats a frank?

Aka, to be exact - To be quite sincerely, to be quite truthful, etc - Just a word I use normally in speech :slight_smile:

i still dont get it can u explain it like not that wieard?