Does anybody know how to make good Modern Sigs E.G. Pheonix’s Style, Alias’s style.

(I mean like a tut would be nice).

C4D, they’re all around chaos gfx just look in the tutorial section

what…those are c4d…wow…that’s…wow…who woulda guessed?

Heh, glad you mentioned my name. ^ ^

Modern styles are styles that involve filter techniques. Using filters are some what an advance style rather than brushing. Smudging is also very popular in signature making. As Hdk mentioned, C4D is also very popular among signature artists, but it is also very difficult, when people buy tutorials, they generally avoid using C4D. :smiley: I hate C4D, but they enhance signature quality. If you can combine smudging, filter defaults, C4D, & brushing all into one signature, then it will be a marvelous signature.

Check my signature, most of them all have the four qualities, if not 3. :slight_smile:

yay…another border rebeller;)

bdw…what are filter defaults…those things that are special effects things?

I dont get whats so good about those signatures.

They dont look especially good.

it depends on your definition of good i guess…they’re ok…like a 8/10

Arc, do to my latest signature topic, the one with hilary duff, and scroll down to the links I posted. The tutorial I used it to make those kind of signatures; that is why people thought Alias had made my sig.