Mods. Please lock!

can someone plz post a pic of a rune longsword. .png format preferd! PLZ this would be a big help

why do you need it? and do you mean someone holding it or just in your inventory?

i want to use it in an emblem for my new clan. ‘the unfurled legendz’ and i would like it just in someones bank or inventory plz!

? wht do u want to do?
to shwo the pic?
upload it on

OK. let me explain. i would like someone to post a picture of a rune longsword in their inventory because i cant get one. so i can use it in a clan emblem.

TY. finally someone understood what i meant.

your welcome, its just that you didn’t completely explain yourself at first

Uh dude,thats a rune short.


well if it is then runehq is wrong, cuz i got the pic from there

doesnt matter anyway. because it turns out i didnt use it in the end…oh well