Monastery Storming!

YAR! Storm the monastery! Slay all Saradoministian creatures and humans!!!

Yes, it’s bad, and I should have used more monsters, but I’m kinda tired… it’s 1.30 am where I am :wink:

Nice pic (funny too) 8/10
but the monks would probably own the imps lol

monks owning imps? no way! Imps have an obvious advantage in quantity, so they storm a monk in legions, and lets say… eat him alive.

lol funny 8/10!

it’s cut and paste but i like it :smiley: 9/10

LOL, funny… 9/10 I guess… But yeah… Those are a lot of imps… It’s no doubt that you and those lessers will do most of the work though…

first 10/10 that’s awesome. Second you should make another pic showing the saradomin army charging into battle.

yo man thats so creative i give it 15outta 10!!!

sweet 9/10

lol…thats funny 9/10
maybe u should make another pic of them havin the actual battle…thered be a lot of dead monks lol…

Guthix killing Saradomin monks, they defeated them before us Zamorak Warriors had a chance of attacking them. Maybe next time, lol.

hey, you could make a flash battle cuz you are good at it, i think you are the next joilo. In fact i think you are actually better than him in movie making

very nice and creative again. You should make a battle scene between the 3 gods lol. Keep up the good work. 9/10

Put in some hellhounds and the kalphite queen 8)

wow thAts cool!

hey they greaters look a little bit too small dont they?

10/10 very creative

It’s pretty good.

lol nice gd work

it dont work :frowning: