money gone wild!

you guys gotta help me i challenged my friend who can make the most gold in 2 weeks and at the start, he already had 37k in his bank so tell me all you know about making money and P.S. i can’t cut yews yet

What are your stats? If you tell us some of your stats, it’s easier to get an idea of how to make money. If you have an addy or rune pick, mine iron or coal and sell it. If you’re a member, just pick flax and sell it. You could spin it into bowstrings which sell for a little more but flax is faster and sells for 60+ gp, I believe.

How much cash do you have, you can merchant if you have enough, or do want Ogo said, mine and sell :slight_smile:

mine and sell is a good way, runecraft is another but merchant is probably best way

So whats a good item to merchant? :confused:

fishing is the best!

My income comes from mining but woodcutting is profitable , but if ur mining lvl is higher than ur wc , do mining , and viceversa wid wc n mining :wink: , oh yes , and fishing which is ever highest , mining , wc , fishing…

If you have cash buy coal and mine your own iron. Make steel bars to sell 500 each on crowded server. If you can’t afford coal mine your own. If u can’t go to mining guild a good place is in the dungeon with the hills near varrock (Edgeville dungeon.)

Borrow money from a very rich friend only until u win the bet then give it back! thats what id do :slight_smile:

but i have still not a answer on my question: whats a good item to merchant with ?

2000 man help me more

how do you make runes with the rune essence

i call this trick logs of gold…

if ur a mmber u can cut 666 normal logs…

then cut all of em into arrow shafts and sell em 10gp each

dat is 99990gp wich is 10gp under 100k