money gp and rare items

today where are shareing ideas about how to make money and rare items on runescape wooot wooot ok lets start wh0 wants to start?

yes i know i cant spell worth yo moma but still i try…

It’s Varrock For First Off, & Its Not Falidor Its FalAdor, Notice How I Caped The ‘A’

But Yeah I Like Edgeville, The Only One You Managed To Spell Right.

&…I Own Joo. jk

Rk F03 L1f3!!!

elvenknghts a noob aka chooblette

elvenknight is gone wooot no more mr.elf lover wooooooooooooootttt

You’re off topic and I like Edgeville because people sell random things there and I think the easiest way to make money is woodcutting although it’s extremely boring, it’s good money.

Rancidknight, I’ve had it with you. I’m giving you a warning.