money making skill created by rancidknight

ok lets get to the basics, money making this will take a while if you have low skills but after that it will fly buy so fast 100k will be notthing. ok the basics, ( this first part is non-members) 15+ mining is a real help 1000 iron ores now sell for 100k if u have only 15 mining this will take a while but will pay off. next, if this takes to long for your likeing you can go power mining on copper, tin or clay. after you have 25+ mining it may not sound a whole lot better, but it will help a whole lot ok so , everyone sells coal but heres the thing, they all have 60+ mining so there in the mining gulid, there is a hole lot of coal down there and some mithril ores. ok so now we have mining all done lets move on to another skill, woodcuting, that dosent sould like a whole lot but after you get 60 woodcut you can cut yew logs they sell for 300+ each all right lets down size woodcuting, willow logs sell for 20 each dosent sound like a whole lot eather but 1000 of em is 20k and that isnt alot but the woodcuting experince is good and i have 56 woodcut, im not a noob i just hate woodcut but it dosent mean you have to, ok woodcuting … oh yeah ok members come in to the free world and buy logs they need them to fletch,so woodcut is all right. all right melee, big bones they sell for 300-400 each you can kill giants/moss giants for them they also drop like 300 coins to so each kill is like 600gp each thats not bad, lesser demons drop like 300 coins and they also drop steel scimatars, steel axes, steel full helms,rune medium helm(sells for 10k or u can high alch for 11.5k) coins and ashes witch dont sell doe anything there for a quest, ok pking , next skill its like russian rulette u can pk( player-killing) like full addy, full rune, full mithril, depends on your level or you can go in groups(clans)and raise your chances for geting stuff but theres also a chance your team (clan)can turn and try to kill you. the best thing to do as a low level pker is get 25 magic and bring teleport runes (1 law rune 1 fire rune and 3 airs) and most pkers need 25 prayer also that means you have protect items, so if you pk with a rune scimatar and full black armor and you skull(attacking another player in the wilderness and when u die you lose all of you items and dont keep the three most important items like when you normaly die) and you die and before you die you turn that “protect items” you will keep you rune scimatar.ok next is fishing cooked lobsters sell for 200 each 1000 of those sell for 200k thats more then the iron ores but you need 40 fishing witch is kinda hard but it will pay off and u need 40 cooking but you still burn them so you need 1000 non burned lobsters thats kinda hard. ok not we go to buying and selling on of my least faveroite money making skills well its really not a skill its really more of a well yes skill, ok i lied it is a skill ok buying and selling mainly you should look on the fourms and look for bargans like 5+ off a rune scimatar or 10k of a mask or and profit you think you can make off a item but dont like buy a rune scimatar for 35k and sell for 44k cuz no one wil lbuy a rune scimatar for 45k mainly you want to use world one outside varrock on the east side of the west bank where everbody sells items that the best place to buy and sell my faveroite thing to buy and sell are rune legs and kites that easy and fast cuz everyone buys those two item sok so now you have the idea of the most profitable skills on free world.

now its members times…ok lets get down to this i have so many money making skills to get you rich or semi-rich( semi-rich haveing like the armor and wepons u need the arrows and food and only like 300k in cash ). ok chaos druids, they drop half keys hald the dragon sheild ( dont think you can go kill like 5 and get one its about 1 in bout 2 million) and the main money maker off of them is…( drum roll plz ) herbs…un-identafyed herbs sell for 1000gp each just think 1000 of them sell for 1 million gp and there only level 13 with 20 hitpoints ok so when you get the herbs dont identafy them if people ask (this is kinda rude but o well) just say there rannanr and above this is not really scamming there un id’d so you dont even know this will get you rich. ok next is theithing , ok well this might now be so proftiable at first but after a while and you get higher theiting it can really pay off. like there’s a chest in aradounge that has nature runes in it all you have to do is check for traps and then open,if you dont serch for traps and you get trapted you WILL die theres no way to stop it. next ,herblore level 45+ you can make super attack potions and prayer potions prayer potions or prayer pots sell for 3000gp each.herbs above harrlander sell for 1000gp+ so herbore is a hard skill to work up but it pays off. next we go for fletching 10k iron arrows sell for 300k. ok sell arrows sell for 40 each so they are 400k for 10k of them. members can cut magic logs but you need 75+ woodcuting and people buy them for 1000gp each and people use them for fletching.

Thanks for that im gettin rich fast!

Good guide, but I dont know how you guys can sit and type that all up. The longest I’ve ever typed was prob. 50 words.

lol yea…i find it bad enough to read that much lol…although i do write a lot sometimes in the HoL forum and in my price guide :slight_smile:

LOL, I never read it, I just replied.

Your right about the woodcutting it took me 5 days to get my woodcutting to 57.

LOL, I never read it, I just replied.[/quote]ya thats what im going to do thats to much to read

there is another way that u didnt mentioned.
it may take some time but when u r ready to sell, plp will fight to get it.
well, here it is, first get 2 noobs, take one and tell him “get ur mining lvl up to 15, and ill give u a job , and ill pay u a lot of money” then say to the other noob, “get ur mining lvl up to 30 and ill give u the bast job ever.”
meanwhile u get ur smithing up to 30 at least.
when those noobs get their lvl high enough, tell them"ok get me 1000 iron ores." and to the other"get me 2000 coal" when they get the ores pay 40gp each to the guy that got u the iron ore and 100gp each tothe guy that got u the coal.
now its the boting part, out of all those ores, make 1000 steel bars, thatll take u from 1 week to 3.
the go to the west bank of varrok, world 1, and sell each all the steel bars at 510gp eahc, and u get 510K.

i think that the best way to make money period is to chop yews, or if ur a member with high fletching, buy yews, turn into longbows, and high alch/sell to the Ardougne Merchant

its to long i dont feel like reading :lol: