who knows the easyest way to get money

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i stole stuff (cakes/fish) and sold em

thats such a BAD way to make money, and a slow way.

The only real way to make money is to chop and sell magic logs, fletch the magic logs into bows and alch them, or fish and cook sharkies

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You can mine, woodcut, or collect and sell big bones.

My newb that is lvl 15 has 40 k no help from my main. The best way to go is to train ranged or magic to lvl 3 for free on tutorial island, get ur atk, def, and str up to 5, then pur def. This gives a good help to mages and rangers for high hp and low combat. Training takes longer but in the wildy you will own. My newb Ilovejuniors is lvl 30 and can easily hit 16’s with maged and has fought off 4 ppl at once and survived, getting full mith 2ce from idiot skulled players. Runcrafting helps magic a lot while fletching helps rangers.