what are quick ways to make money?

ill buy iron ore 20gp each :lol:
or ill hire u if ur mining is over 30 :slight_smile:

Geez. That’s a rip off for the iron miner. Most people pay up to 100 per iron ore.
I’ve found that buying items, then selling them for a profit, is a good way to make money. When I got into the champions guild, I would find people who wanted addy plates for 20k. Then I would buy one for tthe 16.5k that they sell for in the guild, and there ya go. An easily made 3.5k (give or take)
Also, if you have enough money, buy rune or trimmed items. I bought full addy (g), wore it for about a week, then made 50k profit by selling it today.

i mine 1k rune essence them sell 20k or sometimes 30k

hey audi my mining is 43 so what do u want. i can also smith up to gold bars for a slightly larger cost.

(ps: i am sorry for posting something off topic in the wrong section)

kewl, thanks everyone, and yes my mining is over 30, its 46 as a matter of fact, but i cant smith gold

Another good way would be to go and buy some runes at the magic store then selling them in falador or varrock, or some major place like that. for example, buy the whole stock of mind runes, then switch serves, buy that whole stock, then swict again till you get about 20k of mind. Next you go out and then you sell them for a little more than you bought them. If you sell them for a good price, you should be getting about 200k an hour. give or take about 5k. Goodluck.

… my mining is 59 rune…and smithing 53…

you could sell ores thats how most people make money

That’s how most ppl do it indeed, that’s the problem. If you want ores, you can just look around and find whoever is seling the ores for less.