monkey madness

ok just like most of the members population im doing monkey madness to get dragon skimmy. well i wasnt thinking and i went to fight the demon. i put on protect from mage and it hits 32’s with melee’s on me. (but i kno that mage woulda hit harder) and i died cuz i didnt bring a telly. 8O i was just wondering if there is a spot where u can stand put protect from mage on and range the big bastard?

I just ran around avoiding it and the gnomes killed it. When I was a distance from it a I used a few magic spells

You can stand anywhere after he starts attacking. Just run a few steps away and the gnomes will surround it then it cant run after you. THen just range it with protect from magic on :).

I was gonna do that aswell but the gnomes kept moving out the way

there is even a easier way to beat the demon, if u have over 60 range and 43 prayer put on protect from melee and wear black/red dragonhide (splitbark also works), bring around 8 prayer pots along with a dragon weapon and kill it :smiley: