I want to raise my lvl and I’m getting kind of tired of attacking guards so where do you suggest I go to fight monsters and npc’s?

at ur lvl i liked killing hob goblins… either
behind crafting guild
below rimminington n the mountain

i say well free? if members rock crabs.

i’m level 89 and i love training on shadow warriors and ogres…they have alot of hitpoints and never hit hard…plus, i don’t really have to pay attention that much

Ahem Yo look at her combat lvl (hehe)… But anyways since you’re f2p (I think), you should either go to hobgoblins, or one day, as you get better, try the White Knights.


Yes hobgobs are the best for ur current level and when u hit level 50 or so start on white knights… or u could do black knights now. Pick away.

hill giants all the way wooooooooo!