Monthly Update

RoA has been open for 3 weeks now, and it is rolling along, a bit slower than I thought, but things are looking better.

Coming in the month of April, is a new system which allows you to upload YOUR OWN replays for others to download. This will be an exciting new system which not many other age of empire sites offer. This, one day, could become one of our most dominate feature.

Lastly, it’s great to see the forums are being used. Remember, get everyone you know who plays Age of Empires to and get it active!



I personally think that not anough people from Rsr play AoE.

If RoA could affililiate with a big AoE fan Site that would bring the traffic rolling in. Good job working on the website though Hmd.


This forum isn’t just for RSR. It will hopefully soon be full of aoe people. I’m emailing a few admins of other sites as we speak and advertising in game.

I know its not just for RsR.

What I was saying is since many people from RsR dont play AoE, you should affiliate RoA with other AoE fansites. That would bring more members that play AoE. One of the reasons tha these forums are so undensly populated is because of the low amount of people that play AoE. That is why as I said you should advertise and Affiliate. Also glad to hear your doing that.

Also another note. RsR could NEVER have gotten to where it is now without all of the members that have contributed to it.


i dont think there is enogh but people will come as nearly all of us are advertising it

Glad to see your website going smooth. Good luck in the future.

i am sure it will go smooth with me on it lol

me good poster when i go on forum lol

Can I post my replays from AOM too?

You will be able to in a few days actually :stuck_out_tongue:

I cant get on RoA website, when I try the screen just goes white for some reason.

how do i aculty take the movies and whacth them it says i need to download something

Well, you will only be able to upload .age3rec files, not movie files, as age of mythology doesn’t have a built in replay system, and movie files would get incredibly large, we are only going to allow .age3rec at the moment.