MOOOOOOO! Cow hides needed.. BUYING COW HIDES!

175 per under 1k
180 per over 1k



ill sell u 2.5k for 190 ea

I have 79 hides i’ll sell u my rsr name is my rs name

i have 1,026 cowhides to sell. 180ea

rsn- i play rs21

Lol…Wish I saw your prices other. I just got rid of my last 4k hides, though I have 760 left I think lol

I’ll have more than 1k when you contact me, i have 1k now. My rsn is jarjarfied.
edit:does 2744 sound good? some noob in full black t sold me about…ummm 1744 for damn cheap(80 each). :smiley:
anotheredit:WOW! That would bring me to my first million! :cheerful:

i ahve 500

I’m currently getting cowhides for you. I have 510 right now…

Edit: Make that 1111. (nice number lol)

uh you can just pay me 10k and you can collect my cowhides i drop add my pure [b] P K 123456 [B/] I just kill cows for his experience lol :slight_smile: I’m always in world 47

That would mean he’d have to walk around, collect them, walk all the way to a bank, and come back. Not a good idea.

Oh yeah, 1254 now.

i was just suggesting since he doesn’t have to pay me more then 10k lol. He can go collect like 10k cowhides i drop for just only 10k cash lol :slight_smile:


Do you also buy soft/hard leather? For same price?

Oh yeah, 1672 now :D.

Edit: Ok, I have exactly 2k cowhides and 25 soft leather. Please buy soon. RSN–> nortnort


Haha, guys, add me on RS, I don’t look at RSR much.


I try to keep private off, but I’ll leave it on for a few days.

Did you take me off of msn? Put me back on if you did. How many hides you need total?

No, I just don’t get on MSN much, lol.

I have no idea how many I need/want. If I’m buying something from you, I’d prefer some of those iron bars. :slight_smile:

Ill sell you 525 cow hides.
Add me im Austin893.

it isnt much but i can sell you 77 cowhides. nvm, already sold

rs name-slykillrs

i have 1034 cowhides to sell… get on!!! im on knightfox21 is what name i have them on

i need to sell cmon!

sorry for the double post but lets go!!! you say buying cowhides and you havent been on in the last 3 days…plus ur on rsr so respond

r u still buying cause i have like 4k to sell and ill sell 180each