MooScape 5.0 RuneScape client

this program was made by powelly

it is a leigit program which i have been testing and there is NO keyloggers

but the user was still banned Username Powelly

Link??? And also if this dude got banned no chance baby :wink:

not allowed to post links and maybe he was misunderstood
its quite a good program

still even though, its against the rules to advertise anything outside of your signature, and if it is possible that the link could pose a thread i.e. key loggers, and hacking programs, then it is not going to be permited at this website, Seeing as how one of our members here was keylogged and lost 3m the first time the hacker was on his account, and 30m the next time, totaling his lose to about 33m…

Get the picture?

SO WHAT IF IT DOESN’T HAVE KEYLOGGERS YOU IDIOT! It’s and autoing program so it’s against the rules.

Go Joe! I agree with you aswell, even if it doesn’t have keyloggers, hacking programmes, or anything like that, it’s still against rs rules and maybe rsr rules.

only if you use the auto…which i dont

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