More kills today

i like to kill people :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet Blink! Sigh I Wish I Was A Master Pker Like You! If You Could, Could you add me and gimme some pointers?

…Don’t you ever feel sorry for the people you pk? lmao jk
Good job on the pk’s, I can see you like to pk with di! =P

Lol, very well said Blink, kill people! Nice pks :stuck_out_tongue:

nice pks blink

oh noooo!!! we have a mass murderer between us!!!

cool what is the max strength u can get with a super pot with lvl 99 stag

I dont feel a bit bad when i kill someone. Its their own faults. You cant be a good pker if you feel bad for the people.


Nice PK’s, and good work with those… you are really good at this eh?

Do you ever feel sorry for the people u pk? To u and me those kills might not mean much but to them it cud

For the millionth time, nice PKs Blink. I also noticed the “Mine!” in the chat box… greedy little PKer aint ya? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol ur PKs are beastly…ive never seen anyones pics of Pks like the ones you have had. nice job!

Nice man!!!

And that’s why I’ll never make a good pker :(. It’s like, “He’s minding his own bussiness” <Snare> <Fire Blast x 5> <Snare> <Fire blast x 3>

“Oh dear, you have died”. Though they really mean “Pfft, you got owned, dumbass”.


Anyway…an iron baxe? lol :p, and it isn’t about time we saw you get pked or something ;P.

~ ewok

i just pointed out it was my kill :wink: i gave the scimmy to one of my friends the helmet to the other friend and kept plate and legs because they didnt want those parts

yea Blink i wanna see a pic of u being Pked…though i doubt thats gonna happen :stuck_out_tongue: