More mischief caused

abeginner4u pmed on on rs, or someone acting like him, he thinks he can intimidate me by saying what he said, read the pm from him in the pic

pic dosent work

i know, i dont know why

I’ll buy ur green hides lol

ok ill pm you in game ded

Yo this is abeginner4u, What the hell is wrong with that guy? He is immitating me Calanel, please believe me.

you expect me to believe you after all you have done? yea right

Calenel i sure hope you dont get hacked and whoever that guy is f*** off and leave rsr alone along with the rest of you kackers and spammers!! RSR does not want yous low lifes here! GO AWAY!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :twisted: :twisted:

On a better note…Nice one on killing that green dragon :smiley:

…what the…abegginer4u saying he’ll hack you i doubt it

i know it isnt serious, im not scared at all

Someone just wanted to annoy you because you have taken the abegginer4u thing most seriously. Whoever did it is rather stupid.

yea, they are probably just mad at me for that lol

What did Chaze or Abeginner4you do to people here?

hacked mods and others