More pest control fun

Well, i only needed about 25k Exp till 83 strength so i figured doing the pest control in world 2 was the fastest way because we won 90% of the time :slight_smile:

Heres the pic:

^^ finally got 83 strength it took me like 30 minutes to get 25k exp at pest control so im happy :slight_smile:

Call me a noob for asking, but what exactly is pest control?!

Congrats by the way…

wow getting 83 str in 30 mins thats like over 1m exp u hve to do i think

Congratz on the str lvl. Im not a member right now but i think pest control is sorta like castle wars but you fight against monsters of varrying lvl.Check out the RS knowledge database it should tell you more.

yea pest control is the sweetest game ever! If i wasnt ranging right now thats where id be. Gratz on the strengh lvl!

Thanks everyone lol, but i only needed 25k exp and i killed a bunch of monsters and only had to do about 13 games to level :smiley:

and pest control is a mini game where 25 people have to defend someone called the void knight by killing the monsters that pop up next to him and by destroying the portals around the outside.

it took me fast to get the exp because world 2 is the best because so many people go there and win often.