Post here what your favorite armor is mine is daedric armor. :stuck_out_tongue:

mines deadric and dark brotherhood armor. sometimes i like to mix them together like db greaves and pauldrons with deadric gloves boots and cuirass :smiley:

lords mail with ebony greaves paladrons daidric sheild, indalorian helmet ebony boots and chasmyler or whatever the swords called.

daedric armor, nord armor, the one in the skall vilage, some dreugh, and to get money, i go on killing sprees in the mournhold sewers against the dark brotherhood, i have over 1mil now! once you kill them alot, they drop daedric weapons. also, i enchant all my weapons, like my daedirc warhammer does 100-100 damage for fire, and it heals 50-60 every second. class:nord barbarian all the way!!! email me for tips!