Mrparris' competition

Right, it’s a competition worth 300k. You have to guess what these 3 enlarged items are, guess my location and solve a riddle. Think you’ve got what it takes (ya, that sounded cheesy, I know).

I personally think it’s a bit easy, and it’s 300k down the drain, but oh well, it’s about time I had a compo =p

The Riddle

I am your father’s son, but I am not your brother, who am I?


2 Guesses per each individual item, location and for the riddle. No more, otherwise you are disqualified. No spamming please, and plus if it’s done within the day (24 man hours), I’ll throw in a free r2h/b axe/blue beret. (whatever floats your boat).

~ ewok

Do we PM you or say it here?

Item two is either an air rune or a death rune. I think item 3 is… Either something to do with splitbark or one of those talismen thingys.

Just post it here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

~ ewok

riddle, its u !!!
ur at new city, third is splitbark, second it air rune or tally and dunno about first one.
if anyone says this again, ill hiurt u i got it first !!!
heh lol jk not really though, dont steal my wisdom i got it all but fisrt item first, and majer, , from the school plays, and riddle, imagine irony…

What Ogo said, and the first one is Tarromin or some herb!

hey !!! i just said dont steal my ideas !!! lol but dont, still thinking on first one

Hardly anything correct there :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

The location is in the Lumbridge caves, and the answer to the riddle is me. #1 is some kind of herb. #2 is either an air rune or talisman and #3 is something split-bark.

Let me just say you have to get them ALL right, so try and take a stab at them all.

~ ewok

but what about my guesses ?

Not saying anything :P, again hardly anything right though.

~ ewok

!!! fooey

Item 1 = ardrigal
Item 2 = death rune
Item 3 = Monkey greegree thing

parris it may not be your awnser but it is a correct awnser to ur riddle its a christan the father is god item 2 raw shark

one is harralander.

Actually the riddle is incorrect =p, I like yourself confidence though. Keep on guessing :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

location:lumbridge caves
item 1:ardigal?
item 2:death rune
item 3:Monkey greegree

Alright guys, it’s getting late here, I’ma log off for the night in a min. No one’s got everything correct yet (hell, the total correct answers aren’t even half-right). Keep on guessing people, I’ll check back tommorow.

Use the force.


~ ewok