If you cannot take a bit of fun, getcha butt out! This was half of a conversation between me, Brad and Kevin. We all wanted to share :slight_smile: Except Brad, lol.

And noooooowwwww \

Another fun quote,


EDIT- PS, the blank spots are emoticons.

ya, you made a thread!!! I felt like putting in my sig but it won’t fit:( Aw, you did put the emoctons of Brad and the parents thing lol.

No, I only got the quote. It was hard enough pasting this…

This makes me just look retarted :profile:. Then again… I do not wish to massage you sensually MageKill. That’s for another time. Or like I said. It could just be our DIRRTYY LITTLE SECREEETTT :ill:


wow…u…guyz are…hmmm whats the word…Special…
lol jk thats funny

but seriously…Special…

I didn’t really understand what your talking about. I think you were quoting Brad on having a girlfriend. But he wanted to keep it your “DIRTYY LITTLE SECRETTT”.

lol. Funny none the less.

It’s our dirty little secret. Get over it Chrisak. We just don’t like you :tongue:… Haha playin babe, I love you bunchess :D. Erm.


Chris, it was the massage thing. Read all of it.

Added two more things.

cow tipping is fun

Added a…interesting…picture. Heed warning.

yay, I feel so wanted :bored:

And wtf’s that about? tipping cows in the fields? wtf, lol

if it was buttsex wouldnt the both be aiming the same way?

lol, hardly any pleasure there. Do you know how big a cow’s ass is?

Lmao, I love that quote Chris ^^

Eh, it’d make since Yawg.

Maybe if it was Chuck Norris on the rear end of that cow…

you’re obsessed with chucky ain’t you chris

How long did that convo go for? ): When I read it, it took me 2 minutes…

That section took like 2 seconds, but we were talking for…an hour? 2? I dunno.

Brad? Kev?

Wow that small little convo? :frowning:

yeh tats small…im so a’ppy taday! w00t w00t!!