MTV Movie Awards

Woot, they’re coming on in like 4 minutes… For me at least :slight_smile: Who do you think is going to win the different awards?

I think Napolean Dynamite is gonna win funniest or something…

Napoleon Dynomite! :smiley: I loved that!! I think it’ll be up there for the nominees opf the funniest movie… I don’t know what the other categories are… So I’ll just have to check that out. YAY MTV!!


that was the funniest movie…it’ll def. win something

my MTV awards are on THursday…its Wednesday today. did u guys already see them? i live in Michigan

when are they on for ppl in the Boston area?
i’d like to see em

theyre like 8:00 tomorrow in Michigan…
Xgod seen em before me! whahaha!

Nah I didnt… I thought the commercial said tuesday, it said thursday :stuck_out_tongue: Tomorrow night!

Ohh good im not behind, Phew! yea its tomorrow! cant wait!

It’s gonna be awesome! And yes, Napolean has to win something.

Can’t wait either… tomorrow night at 8 P.M ;)… hopefully, I won’t miss it

I’ll just be hoping for plenty of girl on girl action, the movies don’t concern me. :slight_smile:

Lol…you are too witty for these forums.
Anyway, the movies don’t concern me either…

Can,t wait either hurry!!!

theyre comin on Today! (for me at least)…school just got out today too.

Hurray! 3 cheers,hip hip hurry,hip hip hurry,hip hip hurry.

lolz very good

looks up a screenshot of a convo I had with my friend nadine

blah. here i am. new guy. if youve ever seen Massive Pig on world 30, 42, 71, 26, or 24…thats me. yo.