Muddy Key for Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am selling a muddy key to the highest bidder. I have sold these for 39k to 60k so dont try to offer these cheap prices. :twisted: If u want to talk to me on Runescape then pm me, my name is ~~~~~siverdrag16~~~~~ [/img]

lol…sorry to burst your bubble bud, but that’s bogus prices. Smart people only buy for 10k Max. Although I hear some nooby f2per’s buy for up to 100k. :wink:

never the less i have sold it for that price and if u need a muddy key desperatly than some people with alot of money tend to go high with their bidding :slight_smile: therefore i am seling them in hopes of getting some cash from someone who isnt to worried about their money and wants to take the risk of seeing what they get out of the chest.

PS: this only applies to members only and please dont ask what the muddy keys do. If you dont know what they do chanches are your not going to buy one therefore wasting my time.

Thank You :slight_smile:

Item: Muddy key
Shop Price: gp Member Item: No Quest: No
Street Price: 5000 gp High Alchemy: gp Low Alchemy: gp

Where Found: Dropped by Chaos Dwarfs in Wilderness and in Taverley Dungeon.
Notes: Used to open chest near lessers inside the lava maze. Loot from chest: Mithril bar, Mithril dagger, Anchovy pizza, Uncut ruby, Law runes (2), Chaos runes (10), Death runes (2), and 50 gp.

This is taken off runehq…how can u sell a key for that price if the highest possible loot is 2 law runes which cost 1k together…lol :lol:

You get every single piece of what’s listed there though. Rubies sell for 3k each, laws anywhere between 300-1k depending on the buyer. mith bar isn’t a lot but good to use. 10k I’d say is a bit pricey, but hey people will buy them. :slight_smile:

  1. siverdrag16 don’t waste your time on muddy keys unless you go to world… :twisted: …p.s. everyone should know that pure_mage583 said he could pk anyone :!:

oooooooook :roll: thanks for that info

buyin addy scimmy cheap…i am dragon_rag99