muddy key

if ur sellin a muddy key, contact me on rs this is mi frends rs realm dude mi name on rs is lkgdog k! :bomb: :shocked: :fryingpan

is any1 sellin a muddy key???

ill sell u 1?how much u buy?

im selling muddy key :slight_smile:

i buy how much

Muddy keys are not rare items,don’t get scammed.You can get one by killing Chaos Dwarves in the Wilderness.They open a chest containing some food and mith items.

lol i just need for gems i pay 5k

lol…they are worth 500k

wow got a muddy key

whats a muddy key do any ways

r u crazy???
they’re worth nothing~!!!1

they r worth less to most ppl as chest is near impossible to get to…:smiley:

Where’s the chest?

To verify, muddy keyser are NOT worth 500k…

Don’t try to scam on these forums. We don’t like scammers.

lol i 2nd with keys

what arte u talking about the chest isnt hard to get to…just far in wildy

the key is basicly worthless not worth 500k, and the chest is easy to get to, i used to go there all the time when i was in the lvl 20-30s to get the steel body and earth staff

i buy it how much ? 3k…

or more …:slight_smile:

plz sell it to me :stuck_out_tongue: