// Multiple Battle **Voting** \\

Alias & Phoenix:

[COLOR=“LemonChiffon”]Time spent-
-----Alias: 40 minutes.
-----Phoenix: 50 minutes.[/COLOR]

Dama and Mage:

[COLOR=“Plum”]Time spent-
-----Tell me. :)[/COLOR]

First to 16 wins!

hehe alias and phonix :stuck_out_tongue: sorry dama and mage

alias ftw!
i looks like anime, and im an anime nutcase! (naruto ftw)

Mage: I dont like the render…text is sweet though
Dama: The one-color monotomy i DONT like…should mixed it up a bit

Phoenix: once again, a nice render, a nice colored background…like the text i dunno how to make it diag…
Alias: no offence, bad sig for you… i like the little blossom where your name is…and i like that Skumm Industrial brush to the side

Alias and Phoenix

Hmm, Duke, do you have a clue how hard those signatures are? It involves difference layers, difference brushing, gradient map overlays, hard brushing, and lots of other stuff. That’s why I spent a long time on it. But hey, thanks for being honest.

Thanks for the votes! =D

! aaaah sorry…

OT, does this forum allow animated avatars now or something?

No, why?

Ahh, I see. You’re talking about me, right? Well, I’m a moderator. That should explain it.

Still, even if it takes 100 layers, and it takes ages, and it still looks bad. Then you wasted your time.

I agree with what duke runedude said. Imo, none of them are exceptionally brilliant, but ill vote for dama and magekill.

omg mods…thats so unfair lol :smiley: cowers
watches alias get banning frying pan out from pocket somehow

lmao corrupt mods own.

Wow, it’s actually close. Did you guys vote for yourself?

I really like alias’ and phonix’s (sp) dont ask why… ( You have to teach me to make that style :wink: )

omg those are some sweet sigs alias and pheonix own
sry magekill and dama but my vote gos for alias and pheonix

Lawl, this went well :worried:. Did you vote for yourselves?

Dang, this got setted up without me knowing it. :tongue:

This was a pretty hard decision for me, but in the end I went with Alias and Phoenix because they both had all around better signatures.

I do give props to magekill, though, with the awesome, hawt render :stuck_out_tongue:

Phoenix it is set, not setted :tongue:. Eh, I didn’t know either.

Heh, thanks Monkey :slight_smile: In case you didn’t notice, I love that render :slight_smile:

Argh, this is a tough one. I’m going to have to go with Phoenix and Alias, I really like theirs. The blending on theirs goes well. Dama’s really didn’t catch my eye, neither did Magekill’s, sorry. :S When I looked at this thread, the first to that I couldn’t get my eyes off of were Alias’ and Phoenix’s. Good job on getting my vote. :slight_smile:

Yea, Magekill, I have noticed. You have made like five signature with it. I cannot blame you, though, it’s a good render.

All I have to say to Phoenix and Alias is: How you do tat