Music & Runescape

Do y’all listen to some jams when you play runescape? If so, list like what kind of sutff ya listen to.

I ALWAYS listen to music whilst playing RS. The in-game RS music does my head in; I permanently keep it on mute. I mostly listen to music that branches off rock.

I can never hear the RS music for some reason, so it doesn’t leave me much choice.

What music? Depends on the mood I’m in and what I’m doing. For things like Pk-ing, I prefer stuff like Disturbed and Rammstien. Anything else, I just set my iPod to shuffle and let it go.

when i get the chance to listen to music while playing rs without my comp laging, i usally listin to metal or techno…may be a odd mixture but its my choice

I shuffle through my 5000+ songs of mostly hard rock, classic rock, metal, and a few other things.

I listen to some of my music, and sometimes even listen to the RuneScape music, even though it is so terrible…

-=~ J.T. ~=-

majority of the time its my stereo or winamp playing while im on runescape, but then agian the nice hum of my computer fans can be quite relaxing

Lol to me… It seems like quite a few people listen to rock and such while playing runescape… Interesting…


Most of the music I listen to is rock anyway so I listen to it when I’m on RS.

Offtopic: by were you banned?

yeah i sometimes listen to music during rs on winamp i have 1,467 songs on it from 50cent to Xibit
—listening to Five For Fighting, name-100 years- now

Banned from runescape… Or runescaperealm? And no, I haven’t been banned from either as far as I’m aware of…


The Beatles.

I listen to ACDC while playing RS!

I sometimes listen to music when i play rs! Although, All i listen to is either rock or metal:headbanger: That’s right im a rocker!

Rolling Stones (it’s all good),
Schnappi das kleine krokodil(all 3 versions!),
Superman - Five for fighting (A personal favourite),
Reggae (200+ Bob Marley songs - Trench Town Rock B-)),
Rammstein (Thanks Cal!),
Loads of Halo songs (Follow, folloooow!..)
and some classical (Bethoven’s 6th…symphony, not film, jeesh).

Oh, and some random songs like Altered State and Sentinial, two of my most favourite favs.

~ ewok

Rammenstein! That’s Du hast Mich!

I prefer vampire…though they’re all Nazi freaks anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok