Mutant Animals!!!

Eeek! Mutant Animals!
Even I turned mutant!

the buddy is really stupid but the animals was a good try. use lighter colours next time 6/10

it is ok for a try…the animals look funny :smiley:

but the buddy kinda ruins it…

5/10 w/o buddy 1/10 with but it was a good try… the animals look funny :smiley:

Since you guys don’t seem to like the buddy, here it is without it.’

nice man!!! keep making some pics like that!!

… forgot to rate 9.9/10 . Your inling on the ears of animals and other parts are a little off.

Lol nice try.

7/10 use of bright colours :?

8/10 not too bad but a little off with some of the colors

lol…8.5/10…penguin looks kinda creepy :slight_smile: