my(almost) new char

yeah,its taht guys
my almost new char
if it wasnt by name
even my best rs friend coudnt know who i am
i made like a crazy charater reform,spenting like 6k
first i chage it sex for 3k(yeah,i knoe im a bit crazy)and the skin color
then i chaged her(not his anymore)hair cut and color for 2k
and finally i changed her clothes,for 500 gp a piece(1k total)
it was waste of time and money,but it got cool :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
what u think of this?

I changed my char’s haircut the other day.

I’m disappointed with the result as the colour I chose was bright red in the options bar but it turned out orange! What a rip-off!

Anyhow, I changed it to green.

Its such a waste of money!! :lol:

LOL, that sucks.

what sucks?? really really need to stop spamming b/c half the time all you say is lol or wow, god if your gonna say somethin about a topic then at least make it relivent to the topic and elaborate so we know what the heck your talkin about

I changed my hair a few weeks ago, and i looked like it was my real hair colour, but after i had payed for it, it was WAY lighter than brown it was like orange! wats up with that?

Sorry, a lot of times Im in a hurry so I try to make them short. I was saying that it sucks because he wasted money on haircuts. And how is that considered spamming?