My bank AND MY STATS!!

can i now add

3+ strenth
2+ Attack
1+ woodcutting
1+ Crafting
3+ fishing
2+ Cooking
and 1 more quest completed

oh and defence + 1 wooooot i wear rune now (Full rune!)

also i have 545k now )))))))))))

< Im level 55 Btw.

< Dragon posion dagger and 30+ Gold bars and 43gold rings and lots of cakes
< 510K WOOOT LOTS OF RARES! i am rich sorry for bragging

Ok? I also am wearing full addie (inc addie kite) im wearing yellow boots and yellow gloves im wearing a strenth necklace and my weapon is an rune scimmie sword!

what do you think for my level?

Btw: spent an hour uploading all pics :frowning:

If ya carnt see a pic copy and paste it to paint and enlarge it. :slight_smile:

hey i like it it actually kinda good i like the banks more better then the skills but how do u add them on to here without the link??? like u did pm me plz

simple just copy & paste the Image code

bank has a few good things right at the end, most is junk tho. nice work, keep trainin. your non combat skills need alot of improvement. but combat is goin well.

no like the photo there not the link kk let my try

thankyou very much :slight_smile:

nah cant do plz pm in steps (plz dont take this as spammin)

i wont, I dont think teh mods will. Ill give you some links and pics soon kk? :slight_smile:

anyway thets get back on tpic. what ya like bout my account? :slight_smile:

Meh, Ur non combat skills need fixing, you got 510k somehow which i think everyone would like to know =)

willow trees :slight_smile:

willow trees, stolen cakes and stolen silk.:wink:

also someguy had a drop party and i got 30k

yes, so anymore comments anyone? any spam comments;)

Yeh u double posted XD

see here you go again.

get back on topic now! :mad:

Ironically good for your level.

But your not a good leader.

THANKS! :slight_smile: thnkyou

Generally made me laugh you did.

does this meen my accounts good or crap lol? :smiley:

You have more money than me and im 86 combat.

so i take as its good then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Please stop questioning my answers… :footinmou