My bank and stats

I have like no money right now because i just bought a santa yesterday but i’m selling the cowhides to icedearth for 150each
the 150 or so arrows are addy and the 8.3k arrows are mith
and heres the rest
and heres my stats

cant see it!

Nice bank for a f2p. Cool santa.

~BloodFire :hot:

dude put mouse over it and zoom in, but anyways pretty good stats… for your lvl. 7/10

ty for the comments and yes u just have to click to zoom in on the pic
p.s. my friend made me the mith arrows if u were wondering y i had so many

its…ok i guess

update on bank and stats-

nice runes and cash in bank…nothin really special about skills.

nice santa and ok stats…7/10

don’t look at the first post that was from a while ago i don’t have the santa anymore

you sold the santa or lost it? hopefull you sold it for a whole lot of gp… be a shame if you lost it

pretty nice bank mate, 7/10 for a f2p! And what happened to the santa?


wow can i buy all those cow hides!!!

ahh its ok :slight_smile: cash is not impresive :slight_smile:

bank-6.5/10-reason, the only things that i found good was the santa and full rune
Stats-7/10-there good

yea i sold the santa for 2mil cause the day before ppl were still buying like 1.6 but i log in and ppl are trying to sell like 2.5m so i thought they couldn’t and i sold it in about 3 seconds but o well i made a profit
bryanlam if you want to buy the cowhides they are 175each (icedearth’s price)
and ty for the ratings
and koshi check my updated ones in a post further down

pretty good for free, nice arrows

not impressed… butu nice santa

do you know how rich you will be if you sold that freaking santa? like 3.5milish now!

Nice bank man. Pretty good for your level. And your stats are good too. Soul is right, you could make some serious cash on that santa.