My Bank and Stats!

I finally decided I would post my bank and my stats. Notice the sharks chaos and deaths :cool: Rate if you want:

omg omg omg that is so good 1billion out of 10

Not that good lol

WOW, Really nice stats and according to your stats amazing bank… I would suggest buying an abbysal whip :wink:

Dude whered u hide ure whip? lol

I had one but price is dropping and im not working on combat

Wow very nice. but what happened to ur outfit that u had…the one in ur sig? ahh well 16mil is ownage. lol and the chaos runes are amazing…

I already said i sold because im not working on combat. I got about 23m+ in items if you add the chaos deaths and sharks

Id say 8/10 , nice bank :wink:

Thanks you :smiley:

o so ur just wearin full rune i gues now? cool. so are u maging right now or…?

Im fishing, maging, and pking. I dont like armor while im doing things other than combat, i just wear cook gauntlets, desert boots, legend cape, glory ammy, and ring of wealth

Lol sport your bank is so nooby! Just kidding lol I shouldn’t be talking. 10/10

Yeah why dont you post yours and we see whos is better :wink:

Lol that would be funny indeed! Maybe I will if you give me a few days to get some more sharkies :stuck_out_tongue:

Best bank I’ve seen for months…!

its ok 9/10,once u get good ways to get cash doesnt seem that special

Doesnt seem that special lol 20m+ is hard to make whether ur stats good or not. It takes a hell of alot of time and effot to do it.

10/10 maybe one day ill be rich maybe one day!

Thanks, best comment towards me ive heard in months