my bank, at last!

i just sold my 2.2k yews! check my bank out
i still can’t see coz of tht rsr problem, i posted a topic on that!
well here it is

i am selling my willow logs

hi im new on runescape but im no noob i was wondering if u could possibly giv me sum cash my name is andy guru on runescape. i’ve been plzying since feburary and i am only lvl 52 i hope u can help me !

Dont ask/beg for money. He has alot of money because he earned it. If you want money work for it.

ye dont beg especially at lvl 50+ you should learned to have look after yourself by that lvl. i still 53 and with 66 mining 59 smithing 56 mage… i know how to look after myself and my 400k a month income just proves that (thats on rs not real life)

yaaa… lol!! TY
wow u get 400k a month… do u like mine alot!!? thts is very good for a lvl 50 person!
ohh ya umm err… ya r u a member?

yaaa… lol!! TY
wow u get 400k a month… do u like mine alot!!? thts is very good for a lvl 50 person!
ohh ya umm err… ya r u a member?[/quote]

umm… 400k a month really isnt that good, i can make 400k a day merchanting

my dayly income is 150k

i work for 2 weaks strait and so i get 2.1mil

yeah im new to runescape but not a newb(lvl72) and literally in my first week i hit lvl40 not to mention made alot of money now for a noob thats good so no one here needs to brag about they’r cash because u only make as much as u wanna make and if u devote ur time to it u can become rich fast

Btw get up ur minning and smithing to myth it doesnt take too long and u can make good money once u start making myth its all downhill from there

wht do u do… merchant!!?
thst alot yo!!, tell me wht u doo…

Lol, im level 19 in RS2 I don’t beg and I offer cow hides for things. They are easy to get. (sell to keyser!)
Nice Bank!

pretty nice i but its not all that good o ya how do i make a pic of me for these posts

its alright… ur getting there kid

Dang, some of you are rich, I only get around 250k gold a week… and im level 84! :lol:

Meh, 10K gold a week. But thats just Coin drops from white knights. If I actually used my time with skills, I could make much more.

But alas, training comes first. When I reach my goals I’ll work on other stuff.

pretty nice although nothing really special. u need 2 spend that 555k and u get an eyecatcher :wink:

nice bank account, anyway i can get from 50k-3 or 4 million doing lvl 3 treasure trails and i merchanted 200k into full rune (t), then i sold for red/black mystic robes, then sold for d spear §, 2k flax 1k yews, 1k headless arrows… yea

it depends sometimes i get 1mil 2 weeks and others 50k in 2 weeks… it depends how much i want to work those weeks lol