My Bank Journal

I’ll be starting a bank journal and updating it every month or so.

November 23, 2005

Only decent thing in it is santa :-\

~:crazy: spartan

I’m only level 67 f2per…

Nice santa and basically full rune ;|.

Oohlala, thats cool, I wish my santa wasnt hacked :(!!!

cool u think u can beat iced

hey fallon, could i have some bronze arrows 4 my pure?

his name is ranginpee pm him plz!

I cant say its the best bank ever, but, its nice.

Oh yeah, Fallon, I’ll buy the bronze arrows. =)

Please read the NFS sign. And, I don’t think anyone will beat Iced. (Cept’ Keyser)

not the best cept the santa but still for f2p and considering wat i got good bank!

im probaly gona start 1 soon as well but starting it 2moro
so i wil update on xmas etc

thats true buts he only lvl 67

NFS normally means NFS on ebay :|.

Oopies. NFS to any noobish Nicks.

the only thing niice is the santa sorry dude