My Bank! Plz rate 1/10

Here it is… please dont laugh at the noob stuff in there… i still need to clear it out.

actually i think its an average bank so 6,5\10 =]

I only like the two bottome rows, and I’ll rate a 7.5/10 for that.

quite nice… 6/10 wheres the cash!!!

The cash is there
i dont want to show the exact amount but i will tell you it is in the 7 digits

not a bad bank for a P2P… show us the money!!! ill rate it 7.5/10 but if you show the mullah then i just might give you 8/10

You made the picture easier to see!
And I can see you were collecting those seeds too lol.

combat level?, ill stake a sara skirt for white beret. d b axe… hally… rune plate n legs… d long n glory
and yea cool bank kinda cool stuff :wink:

lol now ur a hacking threat. watch out some of the ppl on these forums look atur bank and hack it even if u dont show the amount of money u have.

7/10, show the cash and ill give a better rating. It might be 1000k…or 9000k, you never know…So just show it.

Im not scared of hackers. In fact i dare any hacker to try his luck!

Ok, then why not show the cash?

i will… lemme get a better pic with money in it.

Kthx, let me know once you do.

Hmm… It’s really good… Much better than mine! Lol I give it an 8/10… I noticed you got a few skirts from treasure trails…


yeah just a few lol

that’s a pretty average bank for a member…no rares or extremely expensive stuff…oh yea, and it would help if you didn’t censor your cash…6/10

u said "plz rate 1/10"so…1/10 =p but really uh…8/10

thats an okay bank…7/10…the second to the last row is the best row…i think…but yeah…nice bank…show us the money and maybe the ratings will go up…