my bank preview!

yo…i decided i would put up my bank for the heck of it…
prices of things------
green mask-cost me 4.2m
blue mask -cost me 6m
disk of returning - cost me 5m
pumpkin-cost me 4m

total =19m of JUST rares + like 2m of random stuff in bank

im guessing u guyz can figure of the rest…rate it if u guyz wanna…i dont care if u do or not

wow ur bank makes mine look like crap…best thing i have is full guthix…this is sad…but i have never had had 1 mil in my bank before…i spend all the money i have on skills…so i would rate your bank 9.5/10

thats some nice stuff u got there well if u want me to rate 8/10

many thx for the ratings

ooooooooh ahhhhhhhhh look at all the pretty stuff…colors

wow…pretty good…best stuff in my bank is my full guthix…lol=-P

Dangg thats alot of soul runes!!! well thats good i guess =) nice bank 10/10

nice bank 10/10 :smiley:


wowo nice bnk i like the masks

ya i got the souls for cheap 2…only 200ea

Pretty good, you seem to like useless rares. 8/10

wow blue mask cost so much now?

ill catch up very soon =P

i dont know if thats really urs, but still great its lovley

thats the only way u can merchent dude…because the rares price fluctuiate soo much ive made 6m in 1 trade

Very nice stuff dude, cept wheres u armor? are u a ranger?

nice cept you should try to merchant that stuff make some money :slight_smile: I like gold not masks maybe just the p hats :slight_smile:

since im a ranger and a meleer i use blak drag and berserker helm kinda mix of both…and blak drag has good def against magik

ohh ok, very nice bank then.

ok now i see what you do nice man :slight_smile:

The money is just weak though :smiley: