My Bank (Updated)

Here’s My UPDATED Bank :slight_smile: lol

RATE PLZ 1-10 (look carefully at each page before u post)





DONT 4GET 2 RATE :slight_smile:

Whats that Red/Blue Armour?

It’s decorative armor and i’ll give ur bank a 9/10, if you had masks, santa or phat then WOW

Probably was wearing them…

Who needs santas or masks when you have a dragon med and a dragon square. Nice bank by the way.

i wish i was as rich as u.

makes it look like ur fancy lol

nice 9/10

10/10 Nice Bank Dude!

:wink: exactly, i just think santa/masks/phats are a waste of money, i’d rather spend my money on improving my stats or on stuff that does somthing (armour/weapons/other stuff)

Awesome bank!


tnks :slight_smile:

I really liek the d-med/square!! Nice bank 9.5/10

Whats the name of the amulet next to the ogre bow? and how do you get it? :?

its an amulet to enter the chamber of fear for the temple of ikov quest.

Umm…What’s the calculater thing on the first bank page? I’ve never seen it.

And you get a 10/10…Alot richer than me!

Phr33 St0f P1z

holy sh*t you’re like 10000000000x richer than me oh and 9/10 (would you mind giving me some stuff you urs? :smiley:

it’s a quite good bank to me

alright bank 7/10 nice shield too! and how do u keep it so neat!!! 8O

Its not nice its heavenly! dragon med, dragon square. and a scythe and bunny ears! You must be one of the luckiest people ever seeming as you can’t buy those. If you turned your all those items into money you would have like 30 million 8O