My bank

This is the only good items i got so im only showing this bit of my bank :wink:

It’s good 10/10 but I don’t think its necessary to put not for sale.

spare a mill lololol im poor realy poor…anyways why dont you have a cannon huh

because cannons really stink, i had 2 but sold because they are not as good as people think they are lol

Wow. I’m extremely jelous. Too bad I cant become a member (parents…). Oh well. I’ll just have to continue to see peoples wealth and drool over them.
Nice bank, btw. :lol:

they hit mu.ltiple enemys thats why i want it and it hits 22s ok and im poor i dont even go a whole k

wow i wish i was as rich as u!

Wow blink, very nice bank :smiley: I like all the stuff you have like the god staffs and the helms.

Not the best, but it’s ok. 8/10 very nice! :slight_smile: