My Bank

Just took the pic a bit ago :slight_smile: well i dont want to show the rest of my bank really junky

blink ur my hero!!! i mean 2 dragon chains!!! thats amazing!!! by the way… how did u make enough money to buy 2 dragon chains?

I hate you Blink

Jk, one day, that bank will be like mine, I promise you, it will be like mine.

2 dragon chains… abby whip… well actually every thing nice :smiley: 9.5/10

god ****it blink haha. ur too good man. way…to…good. 11/10 btw

Cool stuff, plus that 44M you showed us, thats amazing! Keep it up.

Mmm mmm mmm. Just about two full dragon sets (need another med lol :)…) YOU ARE GREAT! Lol nice stuff ya got there 10/10 :huge:


will u add me to friends :smiley:

If Blink loses her membership all that precious dragon will go to waste.

Yeah that’d be a shame Iced if that happened to her… But if I were her and I permenatly lost membership… I’d just… Well… Sell it! :slight_smile:


9/10 its amazing

Blink, if you have a fear of losing your membership today, I can hold on to your stuff until you become a member again. I wonder what it would be like to wear full dragon. Hmmmm.

day dreams about being filthy rich and having full drag

That Bank Shall Be Mine! Just Wait! (Nice Bank Blink!)

no she can always sell it then buy it back when she becomes a member again…

WOW…did u spend that 44mil on the extra drag chain? my god!..ur bank owns mine…even before i got hacked. also u know showing ur bank increases chances of getting hacked on these forums right? Duke even said so…ahh well doubt itll happen. 9/10 bank!

^Icedearth scams. Jk, yeah really nice bank but how do you get so much money? Do you merchant phats like my friend does? He merchants his white phat all the time…

Blink made an 8 mil profit off her white p hat.

Blink said it was a 6 mil profit, not an 8 mil profit…
Hey, maybe blink will drop those rune sets at the drop party today!
Oh yea, and blink, 10/10!

it was 8mil but he thought 6mil lol

yea 44mil-36mil is 8mil. She made a mistake.