My bank

and a pivot :stuck_out_tongue: ps. my first pivot i made :slight_smile: rate bank and piv 1/10 :wink:

why thumbnails! why!

i’ll buy ant-dragon shields pl0x!!!

offer shield :stuck_out_tongue: and… WTF do u mean with Thumbnails?

not bad but it looks like u been hacked
wered all the cash gone

i pay 3k for all 4----add mystic383 on rs, im on now

pretty good

Its good, try to get more cash :slight_smile:

i got hacked actually -_-

how do you get gas mask? and pretty nice bank 7.5/10

dont remember name of the quest -_- ill post my new bank l8r (got some better items there :wink:


3/10. Sorry, it’s really not good =(

wOW Your bank is uber big


And faramir take off my avvy before i shoot you…Or contact mods :cool:

Ummmmmm 2/10.

ill say 4/10 your bank is big but its not that good

i buy your guthix legs and iron ores

i’lll give ya a 2 out 10 …its not that great…thouhg u mihgt be the richest person in rs2 one day…:wink:

2/10, the best thing is guth legz…keep workin on it =D

6/10 from me its alright i guess, btw like ur link animation, its hilarious :wink: