My bank

You have alot of money and abunch of things that I don’t know the name of. Very good.

Nice bank noob :slight_smile:

Thanks noob. :smiley:

for the amount of money, id rate 8/10

Nice money and potions, I also like the mime clothing. Good luck with merchanting!

Good looking bank for a noobie.

Lol thanks. It would of been 18m cash but i lost 7m in a guthans trade. Stupid scammers. :mad:

Thats a nice ammount of $$

Thats the nobbiest bank iv ever seen noob! p0wns mine LOL

wow nice cash :smiley: 8.5/10 i give it…

niice bank you got lots of ca$h

Nice bunch of friends i got there. lol. thanks everyone. I’m actually not happy with the amount of money I have right now. When i get back into merchanting it will change and i’ll post again.

Nice bank i like the money :slight_smile:

ooooh nice hey waaait frogmaster is here :o hi there frogmaster!

i rate 9/10

It owns me any day lol. Just how do u make ur cash?


well, good bank compared with mine, i’ve something like 35k and a lot of junk

Nice bank! I like all that cash.

I merchant a lot. Plus I fletch yew and magic longs.