My bank@#

Rate it pls 1/10

Welcome to rsr and I like your dragon chain :smiley:

Thanks, lol :fluffy:

bigger would be nice

yeah please make it bigger, but you are 1 of the richest people on rsr but definetly not the richest, welcome, nice guthans, drag stuff preety dam good for a level 83 who can’t even wear the barrows…

Yea lol i had a rich friend that quit runescape awhile back and him gave me all his items thats why lol :cool:

Oh yea heres a bigger pic

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Just click to make it bigger

then train defence lol so wanna give some to me lol =)

He’s almost there to Level 70 Defence.

are you joking look at his defence…61

Lol im not to worried about barrows i might sell it my dragon OwnZs it

But then again barrows looks cool it shouldint take too long for 70 def

lol wanna stake? no mage, or melle? just range? il stake rangers glory, add wealth for … something

Just wait for him…he might be finished before Christmas,and he can trade you on that day =P

Lol just ranged ill stake you 1gp for your rangers :slight_smile:
By the way your 70 (soon 71 :wink: ) ranged im nooby 48 still using green d hide

you mean 70 ranged soon 71 so what =)

:mad: Lol so what i hit like 6s with range u hit wat 10s 11s 12s? + you got a spec ill stake you 1 gp for your rangers tho :smiley:

Why does that have the ebay camera sighn for if you wana provide a pic :wink:

:slight_smile: Because at 1 time i was ganna sell it at ebay because i couldint get mems ne more b/c my grades where low in school the only reason i didnt sell it was b/c the best bid was 50$ USD so i was like hell no and removed it
But i got my grades up again so i got more mems :slight_smile:
i was to lazy to make a new pic

well dont be lavy and get new pic

You have a dragon square but cant do legends. You also have a legends cape

Srry but it looks like you got this pic of ebay =\

I don’t see anything,Maybe just my firewall?