My banks of main and pure

Main: (also includes full rune, rune battle, red gloves which im wearing)

Pure: (also includes full iron, rune scim, str ammy which im wearing)

Nice bank. Is your pure a pure warrior?

my pure is a battle mage

lvl 40
att 40
str 43
hp 41
magic 45
pray 25

:wink: Okay. :slight_smile:

nice pure, me likee main bank 9/10 and pure bank 7/10 cause for a pure with 43 str and 40 mage you should have more

what do u mean more? like stuff from kills? i haven’t been killing, i have been training for 50 combat. i pk once in a while though, or do u mean more stuff for me?

Its not hard to see you’d pwn me. And your bank is organized too… =O

Good job and congrats on beating meh! :thumbsup:

Main: 9/10
Pure: 9/10

oh, n-i-c-e. Love your main’s bank. I give it 8/10. and your pure’s is pretty good. 6/10.

Nice! You are pretty rich! More money then me!

thats pretty good man

Cool stuff… good job.

Nice bank, about 3m off of mine :slight_smile: what syour pures cb?

it says in a previous post… but he might have gaineda lvl or so so it may be wrong…

awesome "battle mage…err whatever…

11/10 main
7/10 pure