My Best Hit Ever

I was training on ice warriors (with IcedEarth) All I used to pot was an attack pot. This was with a dragon longsword by the way:

Please no flaming caus mind I am lvl 80 combat.

lol, i can hit 26 natural with long, dunno with pots.

Wow a 27. 8O .Thats really good.

wow thats a nice hit with only drag long!

nice job

Um 91 combat cough cough

good hit most i ever got was a 13 lolz im terrible

Wow… Nicely done… Yeah, best I hit ever was a 14 with an r2h… Although I was extremely lucky since I’ve got really bad luck and end up hitting a lot of 0’s :cry: … But wow, congrats on hitting a 27…

Um 91 combat cough cough[/quote]

hehe true :stuck_out_tongue:


Awsome,Congrats on your…best hit.

Wow, nice hit man!