My Best Sig Ever!

C&C please.

Omg. DAMN THATS NICE!!! What the hell did you do?

Bad thing

A border? I can’t think of anything wrong. except for a little white spot. Unless thats supposed to be there. 9/10.

Ill quote you on that maria :stuck_out_tongue:

Drop shadow comes in handy!

Oh, and I beveled, it’s supposed to be like that.

nice dude nice 9/10 (thats a hard ratin 2 get from me)
Pretty Much Everything
no border that i see

Sweet. 9/10 for everyone!

4\10 - Its just an image with badly coloured text on it.

umm no its way more than that! 9/10 nice sig!

no actually i have seen a tut to do stuff like this and its not that easy…

8/10 its really good but like Mariziapet zaid wheres the border and maybe the text should be somewhere else

I bet you can’t make sigs. Lol. I would say what I said earlier but my mom is right behind me and I can’t say the D word in front of her. :frown:

Rofl Maria, no problem. :wink:
Actually, here was my procedure.
Color Render
Make Background
Color Background
Add Render
Brush some more
Drop Shadow
Color Text
Move Text