My Big Seed Collection!

he it is i got 5 thieving lvls and i probaly get like 60 farming from these seeds (i hope :)) well here it is’

rate out of 100

This 1 is updated

0_0 thats a lot of seeds, dont know how to rate though,
because i dont know which types of seeds are better and which ones are worse and stuff…

well i think my non herb seeds that i only have is like 1 or 2 is the rarest like my catus seed

oh ya, lol good point
thats going to take a while to plant…

Nice nice thats tons of seeds!!! 10/10 i think my rarest seed is Orage Tree Seed…

really kool i want that lol thx 2 pl and cj

good job on that 100/100

thats a lot of fricken seeds ya got… hope ull use them all

Wow 100 / 100

nice! i only got 97 potatoes seeds lol! but i have a apple tree seed so im happy

wow very many seeds…but i have somethin i bet u dont!! Monkey Nuts! haha. :frowning: :slight_smile:

Oh and the 30000 Lilyuffie bought is nothing!

ok cool i have no seeds!

yea i dont any seeds at all :frowning:

farmer sam lolz

wow…kills self with shame manages to splurt out: i’ve been at theving seeds for 4 days and cough

What are these seeds for!

new upcoming farming skill (which personally i think is gonna be kinda stupid…)

ill buy all your tomato seeds :smiley: i cook ugthanki kebobs ( 19 hp ) often and tomato collecting is a pain – if youll sell pm me~!

Is this skill members only?