my book

im a currently writing a book and need characters i would like people to post characters i could use in my book as well as discriptions and i will if there good enough put them in my book. so please post characters.

my book is call etopia. (yes prob not very original may change later) and when its completed i will post it on here these are the species that are in the world my book is set in

good (light)
elementals (fire, earth, water, air, light and omni’s(all elements or some))
merpeople (will draw basic pic of a merman that is the type in my book because they are not the standard type with a tail)
atavians (winged elves)
gnolls (like trolls but can be good/evil)
trolls (some of them)

evil (darkness)
elementals (fire, earth , air, water, darkness and omni’s)
dark elves
black dwarfs (not racist not skin colour so dont call me racist or anthing)
dark merpeople (same as good 1s but darker in skin)

need more please post here

main characters
need them

story (will write soon)

u should have some character that is on the good side that can use the power of lightning. that would be awsome. also make him/her very strong and very quick. he/she should be tall and shiny because of the electricity coursing around his/her body. i am not sure weither it should be a man or a woman though. but the lightin character should have a long sword of lightin also. the sword should be jagged. it would be a elemental of lightin. the character should also be able to control storms. and winds or would u consider that controlling the air.

also a good character that can control earth and fire would be cool. he/she could make mini volcanoes or sumthin. he/she could make the earth explode in fire and turn the ground into lava he/she should also be able to make massive earthquakes. i am not sure weither this character should be a man or woman either. he/she should also have a long sword of very hot fire that can melt through anything. also wat would be cool is if fire coursed around this characters body.

but i am sure that these characters should be in control of a lot they should be generals or sumthin like warlords for the good side. and if anything these could be really cool main characters. but if u dont want them to be main characters they should at least play an important role in the story for the good side.

i will post later if i think up of anything else for these characters or if i think up of any other characters

i will be looking forward to when u post ur book on this website. when u do send me a pm telling me wat the name of the thread is that ur going to post the book in. just from the characters that r going to be in it it sounds like it is going to be a good book.

kk i will ty 4 posting