my brand new axe!

yo heres a pic of me and my brand new great axe
my max is 27 with potting
23 without

Cool I love that axe, the minute I get 75 strength, ill get 70 attack and buy it.

From what blink said, its awesome.

Cool axe but im sorry to say i hate the barrows weapons.

they are way to big and clumpy and slow for me.

btw 10 rc?!?!?!?1 :confused:

yup…i dont like rune craftin much…kinda boring
but i might grow it some for the new update later this month

Woah nice Greataxe! I only dream of those… Anyway, your skills are off da hook! And 10 rc… Who cares 'bout that? Lol


sweetness, nice axe

dude thats freakin awsome

do u only need to repair the armour or do u need to repair the weapons also??

Lol! Just 27’s lol! I hit 27 with dragon long special and dragon maces special.

Nice !!!
lmao nice rc lvl

stake me at duel arena? im 86 combat … stake whatever you want

I am getting a whip and a greataxe soon, I hope they are as good as I hear.

Nice greataxe how muc hdid it cost you? Or did you magicly survive the barrows and got it repaired?

it is a very big axe

i wish i was members wonders y im not congrats on that tho

Nice man.


wow nice…how much was it? i’m thinking about buying one

k…ill try to answer sum of the q’s

  1. it cost me 3.5m
  2. ive only tried it out in castle wars 1nce and thats wut i hit(i might be able to hit more…dont know)
  3. no … i hate dueling cuz my guyz kinda all around in his stats and you would prbly own me cuz im not a complete meeler
  4. you have to repair it every 15hrs of combat…which is a very long time…and i do mean a very long time.
  5. You need 70 atr and att to weild it

its best stat is…
105+ slash

Wow, +105 slash. I wish i was a member.

lol 10 rc we don t care nice great ax