My Burnout 3 progress

w00t! I’m going absolutley hypo at the moment, because I just unlocked the US Circuit Racer (F1 car)! Thought I’d better post my stats for Burnout 3.

% complete: 88
Burnout points: 758,190 points
Crash damage: $148,978,003
Takedowns: 796
Events unlocked: 167
Events complete: 156/173
Gold medals: 155/173
Gold medals (special events): 4/10
Medals (Total): 157/173
Medals: (USA): 49/55
Medals: (Europe): 70/70 All of them!
Medals (Far East): 38/48
Longest oncoming: 4,795 ft.
Longest oncoming track: Tropical Drive
Longest oncoming car: Dominator Super
Longest drift: 1,002 ft.
Longest drift track: Waterfront
Longest drift car: Dominaor Muscle
Car count: 61/67
Sig Takedown count: 9/20
Headline count: 10/10 w00t!
Takedown target count: 13/20

A bit of road to improvement, but I’m getting there!

Unlocked cars:
All compact cars
All muscle cars
All coupe cars
All sport cars
All super cars, except for tuned and prototype
Custom Coupe Ultimate
US Circuit Racer
All heavyweights

If I’ve forgotten anything, post here. I’ll add up here.

Nice work! My friends got that, I played it a few times.

ZOMG that owns, my file is crappy

And I’ve only been playing it for…

Scroll down

A bit more…

102 hours now? Probably excluding restarts.

I have never really liked Burnout.

I have Burnout 3, got quite far… soemthing like 70%, then I wiped my memory card :stuck_out_tongue:

As soon as i get my XBox 360 I’m getting Burnout: Revenge.

I was actually planning to buy Burnout Revenge for PS2. Didn’t have enough money.